More crossover potential?

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More crossover potential?

Postby Gu Goomba » Thu Dec 08, 2016 7:45 pm

With Robobot Rumble being a nice interpretation of the game with a Sailor Moon GTS flare, it got me thinking of some more untapped potential that these sort of tales can bring. Anyone else think this as well? Only a select few crossovers on the site strike me fancy, not going to say names because I don't want to start anything wrong, but they did get me thinking. I did come up with a potential crossover idea starring two series titans from both sides, Sailor Moon and Pokemon. Of course it utilizes the Sailor Scouts, but also the Ultra Beasts from the Pokemon side. Lunala of Pokemon Moon fame would also make an ironic appearance, but it's in the Sailor Moon universe for a reason. Maybe the constant leakage of Ultra Beasts into the Sailor Moon universe has something to do with it?
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