Random Story ideas

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Random Story ideas

Postby Dracula103192 » Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:25 am

So after comin back and lookin around a bit cant find a thread of this type but hey felt that i could try bringing up something to chat about.

What the title of the thread means is more of anyone can post future story idea's down here and people can show them off to try and garner some attention to see who would read it and such. Sounds good and simple? Good cause i wasnt aiming to make it complicated. xD

And to even commemorate this: I for once have a story idea based on Freedom Planet! Now before i continue ima explain this here and now. My Freedom Planet is not just a GTS story.

It is a GT vs GTS story.

Ok now with that out of the way lemme explain it.

This story would be taking place inside the story of Freedom Planet. Where exactly? Lilac's story starting from when she first encounters Prince Dail on his Thunder Pheonix machine boss. I have a small excerpt to go along with this to go give it the feel of how i think this scenario would play out.

It was a hard battle with Lilac the victor, as Mila and Carol were busy down below trying to keep the airship they were given repaired enough to sustain the firefight they flew headstrong into. Prince Dail's machine he brought with him was destroyed and he was sent plummeting down towards the ground. However due to Lord Brevon's expiraments on him, fate had different plans for the prince. The defeated machine debris began to swirl around the prince as they became pure energy his body began to absorb. His body began growing both taller and stronger as he was falling. He managed to land on a smaller ship and without really hesitating to use his new advantage, he leapt off on of the smaller ships that caught him out of his fall and he came right back up to Liliac and crew. "Death to those who shall stall Justice!" As he slammed down a fist punching a gargantuan hole and destroyed one of the ships generators keeping it in the air, with it now plummeting down towards the perilous ground below he jumped off leaving Lilac, Carol, Mila, and Torque to wonder what had just transpired.

So what ya think?
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