Super Cinderella GTS Comic (Giantess Artist Wanted)

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Super Cinderella GTS Comic (Giantess Artist Wanted)

Postby TheGrey61xx » Sun Aug 14, 2016 4:43 pm

Super Cinderella Teaser Copy.png

Release Date: 2017

Comic Rating: PG-13/T for Teen For: Animated Giantess Content, Language and Teen or Adult Humor.

PLOT SYNOPSIS: Ever since Kerry, Katy, Maddie and May gain Super Forms, they've become very attractive for how huge and beautiful they are, and Cinderella, the second Disney Princess, has been thinking about their Super Forms, and wondered if she could have one of her very own, but it has been told that only certain members of The Adarvez Family can gain their own Super Forms due to their bravery and heroic-ness. But since Cinderella already knows how to use her Fairy GodMothers Wand for magic, she thought that might help her gain a Super Form, and after whipping up a powerful spell unlike any her Fairy GodMother has ever did, Cinderella has become a Super Giantess that's bigger then all four Super Giantesses combined.

Hey folks, just wanted to post this thread to let everyone know that I have an upcoming GTS Comic Story I want to do as a collaboration with someone on DA. The story is completed, but everyone can help out with the pages, BUT...

1. You need to be a talented Anime Artist that can draw on Paper.
2. You must do the sketches while I can do the coloring.

If you accept to collab with me, I will send you the whole plot summary, and we'll both work on it together.

Please leave a comment if you're interested.
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