Would you like to see more Calimero GTS?

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Would you like to see more Calimero GTS?

Postby LucybonesSquirrel » Sat Feb 25, 2017 5:54 pm

I definitely would. For example, having Calimero shrunk in front of his girlfriend Priscilla, maybe even being held in her palm as well. Or maybe the boys(Calimero, Valeriano, and Pierrot) of the Green Team would one day mysteriously disappear and the girls(Priscilla, Rosita, and Suzy) decide to do a investigation to find out what really happened to them(ie, being shrunk by some bad dude or something and being held captive) and find them and restore them to normal again.

I have quite a few ideas on mind that I think could make for a unique giantess/shrunken story involving the characters, what with all the crime investigation of the 1992 anime and so on.

I know this sort of idea could be a big risk, but I'm willing to undertake it if I'll be the sole member to do it.

There's a bit more info about Calimero on the Calimero wiki here: http://calimero.wikia.com/wiki/Calimero_Wikia
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