Priscilla's Tiny Date

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Priscilla's Tiny Date

Postby LucybonesSquirrel » Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:45 pm

Took a few weeks or so for me to finish writing on it, but finally it is here. Perhaps my first, and the absolutely first Calimero GTS story to likely ever appear on the AC GTS site.

First of all, writing a giantess story featuring characters from the Calimero TV series is an unusual choice of mine, and I suppose not many people or readers are familiar with it or the characters, but I figured I'd better take the opportunity to write on such a giantess/shrunken story anyway.

Anyway, on with the teaser first:

- Calimero has promised Priscilla to go out on a date with her at the cafeteria in town. But after going into the flower shop to buy his girlfriend some flowers things starts to go awry for him, as he no sooner starts to shrink. Worse yet, he's getting late, and is forced to hurry up to get to his date in time. After Priscilla discovers Calimero in his shrunken state, she decides it is best to find a way to get Calimero back to normal size, an task that will be easier said than done...

This story utilizes the settings of the 1992 anime, and so will my subsequent GTS stories do as well. I tried my best to get the characters as close to their personalities as I possibly could. Maybe I've goofed up here and there, but I had quite a bit of fun writing on this story none the less.

In case you haven't heard of either the 1992 anime or the characters, or just want an mind refresher, you can look it all up on the Calimero wiki:

Personal note to cubed: I was in thought over a scene in this story(it takes place between the end of page 4 and the start of page 5). I'd like to hear your thoughts on this paticular scene(it is supposed to be comedic in nature), since I believe while it likely would be acceptable, some readers could take it the wrong way. I've already considered about rewriting it to make it seem less violent(I say "seem", because while we both know it wouldn't be intended to be violent, it would appear to be to some people.).

Who knows though, maybe I'm worrying too much about the stuff I write or draw in regards to content these days, and maybe nobody would really mind it at all. I'd still like to know before hand though if I may need to rewrite the scene or not.

Edit: Fixed a few minor spelling errors, as well as removing an unnecessary part in the text.
Priscilla's Tiny
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Re: Priscilla's Tiny Date

Postby cubedcinder » Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:31 am

Are you talking about the part where Calimero gets mistaken as a wasp at first by Priscilla? That's what I'm seeing at the end of 4 and the beginning of 5.

If so, I see nothing even remotely violent about the scene and it need not be changed. I've written similar scenes in my own stories and don't ever recall someone mistaking it as an act of violence. I feel like this is indeed a case of you worrying too much. :D
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Re: Priscilla's Tiny Date

Postby LucybonesSquirrel » Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:14 pm

You're on the right spot there. The scene where Calimero is being mistaken for a wasp by Priscilla at first is what I'm referring to.

Yeah. Maybe it is just me worrying too much. I suppose there isn't anything bad about it after all. If nobody else will mind, then I shouldn't either.

Other than that, in my search for any spelling mistakes, I don't think there is any more now. Grammar ones maybe, but I hope to improve myself on that area.

Edit: Noticed another error that slipped through during writing on the story. I really need to remind myself to proof read my stories more thoroughly to make sure nothing like this happens (and to not post when my mind is tired, which I guess contributes to these sorts of mistakes going unnotticed by me until the next day).
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