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Rules for the VGGTS4 and ACGTS forums
(Last revision: 6/8/2017)

The following rules are to be valid for all members, including the moderators/founders. Violations will not be tolerated and steps moderators may take at their discretion include the removal of offending posts, files, and photos as well as warning or suspending the offending members. Suspensions are either temporary (usually lasting either a week or until the offender has apologized) or permanent (the offender is gone for good and will not be brought back). Please understand that these rules are here to help the forum function smoothly and without trouble, not to control the members.

Account registration is not a requirement to view these forums. You can make an account freely (as in no money!) if you intend on posting stuff here.

Account activation
As a security precaution, namely against spambots, accounts will need to be validated before they can be used on these forums, so please use a valid e-mail address when signing up for an account. Often these e-mails are mistaken as spam by many e-mail providers (especially GMail for reasons I'm not sure of), so if you have not received a validation e-mail almost immediately upon signup, check the SPAM folder of your e-mail account. If after 24 hours you feel you have not received any validation e-mail whatsoever, send me an e-mail and I will look into the problem. My e-mail can be found on the home pages of both VGGTS and A&C GTS Worlds.

Starting 6/8/2017, new users no longer need to have their first couple of posts reviewed by a moderator for approval.

This forum is open to anyone, including minors, and this group accepts M or R-rated material as long as it is marked appropriately. Don't even think about sharing explicit adult material here (unless it were censored, therefore making it M-rated or R-rated). If you have original material of adult nature which you would like to share, use another GTS forum. You WILL be at the very least warned if one of the moderators catch you violating this rule. If you are unsure about certain links or content that are either already up or should be up, contact the moderators and they will decide accordingly.

In the VGGTS4 forum, topics are restricted to video games and/or giantesses. Over on ACGTS, you're free to talk about anime, cartoons, and giantesses in any combination of the three.

Therefore, anything (including files) uploaded to the group should be related to one of these topics, preferrably both. Off-topic discussion is fine by me, but for the most part, items not relating to any of these topics may be deleted at the moderators' discretion. I'll make sure you know if I decide something has to be removed. Messages of adult-oriented nature will be removed immediately (and without warning).

Bumping/necroposting policy:
When a reply to a topic that hasn't had any replies in a long amount of time, like say 2-3 months, is made, it is often referred to as either bumping or necroposting. It is so named because the topic has suddenly been 'bumped' from the bottom of the discussion board to the top, where it is more easily seen.

If the post that bumps the topic is, in the opinion of the administrators, a legitimate reply to that topic, the post is allowed with no problem. Posts that just say 'bump' or something else meaningless may be considered artificial posts with the indisputable purpose of moving the topic up the ladder, and such posts may be subject to deletion and the user making that post may be warned.

While anything animation is allowed to be discussed here, the one topic that is NOT allowed is anime dubbing and the companies behind it. Over the past several years, the issue of anime dubbing has become as sensitive as religion, and it almost always results in flaming wars and temper tantrums. Personally, I am sick and tired of it and it takes away from other aspects of the anime, such as the animation quality or the story writing. That's why anything related to anime dubbing will be IMMEDIATELY removed from this forum and the user WILL receive punishment. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you desperately want to plead your case about the good or bad of anime dubbing, then do it elsewhere.

Sharing content
Much like with the Yahoo Groups that preceded these forums, you can share photos, files, and even create polls when you create a new topic. Remember that the rules regarding adult content apply for pictures, so anything that doesn't belong will be deleted and the offending uploader will be punished. I would also make sure that if you upload a picture/drawing that doesn't belong to you, you credit the original artist if possible.

Files can be attached to any message that you make as long as they are less than 10 megabytes. Anything larger than that cannot be attached and you're instead encouraged to use a file sharing site such as Mediafire, Google Drive, etc.

Files that are reported to have viruses or malware will be deleted and the uploader will be punished. ROMs and ISOs, because of varying legal status from country to country, cannot be uploaded either.

Criticism of uploaded items and activity is welcome, but outright flames, name-calling, and yelling are not. Offending posts and items will be deleted, and the member will be warned. Please try to consider this forum as one face of our community. You may not like everyone, but if you want to fight it out, do so via private messages rather than poisoning the atmosphere of the community.

Cursing at the moderators while disagreeing with a decision they make will result in an immediate permanent ban.

GTS material
Just to avoid confusion about what material is welcome and what is not, here is a quick overview over the material that is welcome and the material that is not. In case any forms of GTS/interaction have been omitted, apply common sense or please contact the moderators:

Evil, Neutral, Gentle, Unaware: Although members and moderators may have various tastes, all alignments are welcomed.

Growth, Shrinker: The group welcomes all kinds of size changes and/or situations that make a female humanoid appear larger than the other characters.

Real GTS, Normal GTS, Mega GTS, Astral/Space GTS, etc.: Again, tastes may vary, but all GTS sizes are welcomed.

Handheld, Foot, Gentle Vore: There shouldn't be any problems with these.

Breasts/Breast play: I will allow this as long as the breasts aren't fully exposed, whether it's a picture or story.

Crush, Violent Vore: These are welcomed as well, but be advised that if your work is M-rated, rememeber to mark it appropriately. If you're not sure, have one of the mods review your work.

Insertion (any kind), Unbirthing: These are NOT welcome as they are definitely not T-rated and not even M-rated.

Thanks for taking the time to read over these rules. I hope you have as much fun being a part of this forum as we do.

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