If you can't see newly uploaded website content, read this

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If you can't see newly uploaded website content, read this

Postby cubedcinder » Mon Apr 07, 2014 2:03 pm

The following link below has a guide (depending on your browser) on how to clear out your cache. Always remember to refresh the page you're on after following the guide:

If after following the steps above you still can't see the new content, you may also have to clear your browser's history. A simple internet search for 'delete browser history (name of your browser)' will tell you how to do it, and remember to refresh the page you're on after following the instructions you come by.

One of the most common problems that get reported to me as far as the websites go is that they cannot see the new content uploaded on Saturday night. Whether it's seeing the entire sites unchanged after looking at the change log posted on both my Twitter account as well as here on these forums, or even certain sections showing an update and others looking the same, I give the same exact solution to these people that I've been giving site visitors for many years now.

The blame falls solely on the cache of your web browser. Your web browser keeps a cache of mostly images and web pages to allow the entire site to load faster by typically reusing any assets that are shared from one page to another. This also allows less bandwidth to be sent and received by both the sites and your internet connection because, again, files in the cache are simply reloaded from your computer and not from the server.

Browser cache is not perfect, however. Unless it was manually cleared out as outlined in the link above, cache is supposed to expire after a designated time period. If one were to visit the site before that time runs out (most cache sits on a user's computer for at least 24 hours), they end up loading the cached versions of pages and images rather than seeing the all new content. That, in a nutshell, is why you might think the sites haven't been updated when I and a few others can see the new content perfectly fine.

99 times out of 100, clearing your browser's cache and/or history will solve this problem, guaranteed. But if you're that one time, try flushing the DNS cache on your device instead by following this guide:


But if even THAT doesn't work, it's possible your ISP may be falling behind on DNS entries. I won't go into the long and complicated explanation here, but your best bet would be to switch DNS providers (NOT your ISP; ISP and DNS are two entirely separate things that work in tandem to provide your internet access)... The best options include OpenDNS (which I use and highly recommend), Google Public DNS, and Level 3 DNS, all of which are completely free to use. See the link below for more info.

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